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Admin Message to StarMaker

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:03 pm
Admin wrote:Good Day Star Maker - Voice Artists!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the happenings and the momentum we have created as a collective to Starmaker. Starmaker has created a generic response that they have begun to send to those who have sent feedback for Nick's return. Please see the screenshot:

If you cannot see the photo, let me know or see at;

This is absolutely ridiculous and a direct insult to intelligent individuals. It never stops amazing me how incredibly infantile these people are. A known friend to most of us wrote this in response and I would appreciate you sharing this with StarMaker in a feedback or created video. Please see below-

Dear Starmaker,

I have been made aware of a reply you sent a user regarding your position and the reasons behind the immediate eradication of user Nick Radd. I have to say that I disagree with your action and reasoning and/or justification. They weren’t rumours. It has been the product of discussion among users, parties and room owners for a number of months. It has been noticed by every person who has been here for a number of months. If they were rumours no one would have agreed with him in the comments and discussed their own findings. You have to appreciate that the measure you took looks suspiciously like silencing. While you claim conjecture, there are many who are in agreeance with way he said. Nick Radd’s intention wasn’t to slate the app, he was simply highlighting the injustices that people have collectively noticed. There was a total disregard for his human rights, that laws in different countries must be respected and by your actions you took away his freedom of the speech. It was opinion, not rumour and at least in some European countries it states “the power or right to express ones opinion without cencorship, restraint, or legal penalty” that is the dictionary definition. It is therefor legal to get on a soapbox and declare your views on a matter. By removing that voice, you are silencing someone which looks suspicious. As if Nick Radd was a whistleblower and you sacked him, it would have looked less suspicious if you had left it be. It only served to prove that what he said hit a chord within your upper management and he has to be silenced, when you read that back, does that sound right? Just?

You have to understand that by removing Nick Radd you have done nothing more than fuel the fire. People now believe that you are running this app along the lines of a Dictatorship. If the decision was based to remove him was because of rumours he highlighted against your pp then you would have to remove the people that have been saying it for months on end.

Please don’t feed us a lie, your app will suffer (And I don’t mean this as a threat, simply an observation) because the longer Nick Radd is gone the more people will leave, refuse to pay in, share the app, the longer the hashtag #BringBackNickRadd will trend. At the end of the day there will be a dent in your finances, your ratings will go down (and potential app users will bodyswerve the app). You need to start listening to the voices of your userbase (and I don’t mean the singing voices) I mean the collective opinion that the action you took was unjust.

Your reasons are incomprehensible to me and many, many others. Your actions are damaging the very thing you fought hard to build. This ripple will soon grow into a wave unless you rectify what you have done, you just have to look at your ratings on the App Store to believe it. There are petitions, talk of lawsuits, evidence being collected as we speak. Whether you wish to admit it or not you broke a moral law and breached Nick Radd’s 1st Amendment, which is his given right to freedom of speech in the USA. Removing him from the face of Starmaker was not your last resort, you didn’t have have a first resort, you saw this and instantaneously removed him.

I hope you can comprehend what I am saying.

Trust me when I say this won’t go away. Nick Radd is too loved on here to be forgotten about. There is an army of supporters for Nick now and the only way to bridge the divide is to allow him access to his room and account again. He has masses of supporters even by those who were never  Misfits.

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